Six ways to maintain work-life balance for Nurses

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Nursing is one of the most stressful professions in the field of health care. Studies have shown that high-stress levels contribute to staff illness, absenteeism and other negative behaviors towards work.


Although nurses are among the sought-after professionals in the healthcare industry, the stress that accompanies the job is impactful. Nurse work-life balance can be a struggle to find but it is very necessary to increase job satisfaction and personal life as well.


Below are tips on how to maintain a work-life balance as a nurse:


Accept you are stressed and develop a coping strategy:

If you continue denying that you are stressed, you would never see the need to develop a coping mechanism. So, first things first, accept the fact that you may be stressed and then start finding ways to alleviate that stress.


Set goals and priorities:

Do you want to achieve more outside the nursing field? Do you want to learn a skill? Do you want to travel? Does the work stress affect your family? Ask yourself questions because you may not only be a nurse, you may be a spouse, parent or child. Decide what’s best for you, what aligns with your goals and then make them a priority.


Make time for self-care:

Nurses usually find it difficult to get enough sleep, eat well and exercise due to extended shifts and a busy agenda. Adequate rest, proper nutrition and exercise are required to maintain a healthy life. Self-care should be prioritized.


Ask for help:

If you feel overwhelmed by work, either at work or in your home, you should not hesitate to speak to your nurse manager about work-related issues or your partner, spouse or children to pitch into household chores.


Learn to say No:

Allow yourself to turn down invitations that will result in issues that will overwhelm you.


Develop a realistic schedule:

Think about what and when works best for you, cut down on excess work hours, give yourself time to rest, have fun and perform other life activities without overwhelming yourself.

Stressed nurses are at risk of having burnout and fatigue and this can affect both their physical and mental health. Therefore, maintaining a work-life balance has been known to increase job satisfaction, quality of life as well as positive patient outcomes. What are you waiting for? Try these steps today.

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