Travel Nursing: 11 Important Tips for First-time Travel Nurses

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There are many incentives for travel nurses, from higher pay to new career opportunities to the experience of travelling to various locations. If you are interested in becoming a travel nurse, the following list can help make your experience as a travel nurse a pleasant experience.

Find an agency and recruiter:

Some travel nurse agencies are known for high pay, some for having the most openings, some for going the extra mile in all situations, and a few are a combination of all three. When looking for a recruiter within an agency, it’s better to find one that fits your personality and you feel you can relate.

Get organized:

Whether you are browsing or getting ready to embark on as a first time travel nurse, you need to stay organized. Make sure your license information is updated, make sure your health and immunization records are up to date. Prepare for your phone interview and bring any necessary documentation on your first day.

Educate yourself:

There are tons of social media groups, travel nurse websites or blogs as well as experienced travel nurses to bounce all your questions off. You need to understand how the process works to make truly informed decisions.

Be Flexible:

Some travel nurse companies might tell you that you can make a choice of where to go, but the truth is that you might not always get your first choice. Keep an open mind on location, setting and facility knowing that changes may be made and you will not only get a travel job quickly but also continue to get more travel nurse jobs to choose from. After you get experience, you can be more selective of where you want to work.

Get a good knowledge of your travel location:

Try to gather information about your travel location, if you know anyone that has gone there, ask as many questions as possible, browse online about the area too. It is daunting to pick up and move to a new location. If you have any friends or family members in that location, try to get close to them as this will calm your nerves and make the location more comfortable.

Pack smart:

Most travel nurse assignments are for 13 weeks, so think of what you absolutely need or can’t live without for a few months. You don’t need to come with everything you own, remember you can always buy new things at your new location.

House hunting:

As a travel nurse, you have the option of either finding your own house or depending on your travel nurse agency to find you one, either way, we advise finding a house near the hospital in case of unforeseen circumstances such as waking up late, lack of cab, traffic jam and so on.

Get your home in order:

Make preparations for how to run your home and activities while you are away. Do you have any pending deliveries? Where do you want your emails to be delivered to? Do you have a plant or fish that needs to be cared for? Make adequate preparations on how to take care of things at home before travelling to your new location.

Arrive early on your first day:

You only get one time to make a good first impression. Give yourself plenty of time to arrive at work and it’s best to arrive early.

Relate well with your co-workers:

One of the easiest ways to settle well in a new place as a first time travel nurse is to get to know your co-workers and make friends with them. Try to get to know them, invite them to activities and try to maintain a positive relationship with them. You might not be friends with all of them, but having even one friend will go a long way to making your first time experience as a travel nurse more comfortable and successful.

Stay connected to your recruiter:

Try to check in with your recruiter from time to time, keep him or her posted about your assignment and if you have certain things you want out of your travel assignment, share with your recruiter.

Getting started as a travel nurse is a big change but it’s one that comes with a lot of rewards, adventure, and new friends. So there is no need to be afraid. With a little preparation, you are ready to make your debut as a travel nurse smooth and successful.

At Goodwill Staffing & Recruitment, we take delight in creating an all-inclusive, good, and rewarding travel nursing experience for our travel nurses (you).

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