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Allow us take off the burden of the accommodation plans, so you don't have to worry

Taking a car or plane? Our Travel Coordinators can assist with your travel arrangements.

The accommodations may vary slightly depending on the destination you have selected. Every assignment facility has shared housing options nearby, frequently within walking distance. In certain places, there are additional possibilities for solitary travelers as well as family- and pet-friendly lodging. Perhaps you wish to remain with friends or relatives. Some decide to arrange their own travel, lodging, and reimbursement arrangements. Numerous scenarios exist, but everything is conceivable. When feasible, we provide smoke-free, fully furnished apartments close to your assignment that are equipped with TV, WiFi, and bedding.

We have in-house travel consultants that can assist you with your travel arrangements, whether you’re driving or taking a plane to your new employment. Within seven days of your start date, you will receive an itemized itinerary that includes all of the pre-planned flights and travel. In the event that you decide to drive to your assignment, our travel department can help you plan the best routes, reserve stopovers along the way, and stay in touch to ensure everything is running smoothly.

Application for Housing Provider

When Goodwill Staffing personnel are out on assignment, our Travel and Accommodations Team is constantly searching for cozy and secure temporary residences for them to call home. Please fill out the Housing Provider Application form below if you are interested in renting out your apartment to working professionals on a short- or long-term basis.

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