Why You Should Work in Calgary, Alberta

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Why You Should Work in Calgary, Alberta
In this week’s travel spotlight, we’re focusing on Calgary, Alberta. Currently, family physicians with two years of experience, or a resident in PGY-2, are needed and can earn up to $500,000 to $600,000 annually while working in Calgary. If you have just become a part of Goodwill and have been allowed to travel to Calgary, Alberta, for work, you may want to visit and try out the following things listed below.

Banff National Park

In your downtime from work, you may want to visit the Banff national park. Despite the long drive, you do not want to miss the amazing scenery and beautiful landscapes that this National Park has to offer. You’ll be able to see the beautiful Rocky Mountains and can even kayak or canoe on Lake Louise.  Make sure to bring a camera, because this is one sight you do not want to forget about!

The Calgary Zoo

Lions, tigers, and bears? Oh my! Another place you do not want to miss out on is the ever-so-popular Calgary Zoo. Along with the animals mentioned, you’ll also be able to see monkeys, giraffes, wolves, hippos, exotic birds, and so much more! If you’re planning on bringing the whole family along with you, you can also visit their website to see the various upcoming events they have planned so you and your family can get the full experience of this wildlife center.

The Calgary Tower

If you’re looking to see the full view of the Calgary skyline, take a trip to the Calgary Tower. On the observation deck, you’re able to stand 191 meters above downtown Calgary, and look down through the glass floor with a bird’s eye view. If you’re looking to grab a bite to eat while you’re there, make sure to make reservations at Sky 360, the rotating restaurant located in the Calgary Tower. Starting at lunchtime, the restaurant rotates every 45 minutes, and at dinner, the restaurant rotates every 60 minutes. There is also a theatre that is in the Calgary Tower as well, where you can witness the tower’s history in a short film titled Calgary Tower – Building an Icon. The screens used in the theatre room provide a unique viewing experience. They have twenty-one ultra-wide screens and play different scenic clips from landmarks all around Alberta.


In short, Calgary has some great places to visit while you’re enjoying your downtime from work. You can experience lots of memorable sights, see some cool animals, and visit Calgary’s most well-known tourist attractions.

For more information on how you can get opportunities working as a Physician in Calgary, Alberta, please contact us here: https://goodwillstaffing.ca/contact-us/


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